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Welcome to the admin website for Inteltab Media. From here you will be able to see the many and various wonders made possible by the Internet's greatest resources, from content creation to AI, link building to fast indexing, and almost every aspect of SEO (search engine optimisation) and ASO (app store optimisation). This site is under constant expansion and improvement as more resources are added.

For a list of services see our services page.

This website also exists to showcase a number of apps which are transformed from some of its subdomains. Each subdomain is in its own very diverse category, dedicated to one or other specific consumer niche.

Inteltab receives income in two main ways. Firstly, income is derived from affiliate sales or CPA, driven mainly by SEO or ASO, and these are in a number of verticals. Secondly, income is derived from services and consultancy, mainly in SEO, ASO and market research. Inteltab's personnel numbers vary depending on need; specialists are brought in whenever necessary. We have a number of apps occupying first place in the Google App Store based on their main search term keywords. We have been professional SEOs since the last century.


Content Marketing Campaign

I offer a content marketing campaign service for clients which will skyrocket your website and provide many more web visitors, thereby increasing your revenue. The service involves both on-page and off-page SEO and, of course, the highest standards in writing which will delight and inform your website visitors and have them returning again and again. See full details at the site.


Data Collection and Specwriting

We have broad experience in the market research industry, with special reference to specwriting, data collection, data analysis and data processing.


Good yet Highly Affordable Services

We all love a bargain. But where do we go to consistently find providers of creative and professional serrvices who are amazing at what they do and yet do not charge a lot of money for it? Well, we've created the Good and Cheap Services website, where you can find all sorts of amazing suppliers of a huge range of serviecs, expertly and highly professionally carried out to very high standards, yet very inexpensively priced. Perpare to be amazed!


Low Cost Solicitors

We all know that solicitors charge a huge amount of money most of the time. That's why we put a great deal of effort into developing this website and we're very proud to announce our Low Cost Solicitors website. You can find all sorts of legal services on here from advertsing agreements to wills and testaments, and all done by fully qualified and experienced UK certified lawyers. Jurisdiction here is the law of England and Wales and the laws of the United Kingdom where this is specified.


Low Cost Lawyers

This is the much-awaited stateside version of the above. We also put a great deal of effort into developing this website, our newest, and we're happy and proud to announce our Low Cost Lawyers website. You can find an even larger number of legal services here covering digital law services, infringement of copyright, company formation, both business and personal legal services, the work carried out by fully qualified and experienced US certified attorneys. The range of services, as well as the standards of practice and experience of the principals, have to be seen to be believed. Legal work can be done for you for as low as 5% of the cost you'd expect to pay a brick-and-mortar law firm in your local central business district, or that of your nearest city.


Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cancer Claims

The well-known houshold brand Johnson & Johnson have reached a settlement figure of and eye-watering $8.9 Billion arising from reports that their talcum powder has caused various types of cancer, including mesothelioma, in women across the United States. If you are a woman who suffers from this affliction then you might want to head over to our Talcum Powder Cancer Claims website. There you can see exactly who qualifies for a share in this massive settlement claim, and you can apply directly from that site. Also notice our new subdoman related to the same matter here.

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