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In 2008 we started a new way of doing business. As a result of gaining a new client who happened to be a solicitor we discovered that we were quite good at getting high search engine rankings for specialised search terms which were used in colloquial search but which were not necessarily established legal terms.

In fact, so successful were our results that we decided to specialise in legal SEO - that it, search engine optimisation of websites specifically for solicitors or for people working in specialist legal fields.


Search Engine Optimisation For Lawyers: How Does It Work?

Most SEO companies work on the basis that the SEO optimises the client's existing website, tweaks it and removes the bad stuff, adds a few links to it, enhances a few files, uploads a robots.txt and an .htaccess then walks off with a large cheque.

The problem with this approach is twofold:

  1. It does not take into account whether or not the new website makes the client any money.
  2. It can delete the client's favourite parts of his website in the process.

On the first point, most SEO practice stops at the design and optimisation stage which is hardly ever pegged to the results it produces. A clever design does not necessarily mean an increase in revenue for the client.

On the second point, it's true that a first class degree may be a matter of pride to most company CEOs, but it will matter not a jot to prospective customers or clients, so the SEO firm may remove all references and puffs of this kind to its clients on the grounds that they're unnecessary.

We take a different approach.

We leave our original clients' websites alone, if they have one at all. We just don't touch it.

Instead we build our own websites from scratch, optimised from the ground up and built to get highly targeted traffic that is directed at your specialisation.

Then we provide an opt-in form on the site which interested and prospective customers or clients can fill out. Details of these prospective clients are sent to both ourselves and our clients simultaneously; everything is transparent.

At the end of the month our client sends us a statement of people we have sent to them and who have converted into "sales" by whathever definition is appropriate. We then invoice our clients for a percentage of those sales which we send to them.

In other words, we only get paid when you do. We do not charge you a penny upfront.

This is a complete departure from traditional SEO methods, and our clients love this approach!

If you want to know about how we can help you get more work without risking any investment whatsoever, contact us by using the form below.


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