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You can buy our range of services online through our secure online store, which uses SSL software to encrypt your credit card details. No-one but you and your credit card issuer or bank will know the details of your cards after you have submitted them.

Please note: we do not accept commissions for work on pornographic or "adult" websites, warez sites, sites that are racist or sexist, or which promote or encourage illegal, dishonest or dubious activities. We reserve the right to turn down work on specific websites at our own discretion.


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We have recently revised our whoile corporate policy. We now offer a no-frills approach that works very well for a low continuous fee. This means that we get the job done but without the £2,000 a month tag that some SEO firms charge, which in our view is completely disproportionate to the amount of work needed to get a page properly indexed in and optimised for the major search engines. By the same token, we do not offer all-day consultancy seminars, and we seldom ever visit our clients. However, we do come highly recommended and most of our work comes through our affiliate program where we are enthusiastically promoted via our established partners in the web design, marketing and market research industries.

Our rates and terms are given in appropriate pages of this site. If you are an independent business please look here. If you are a design company or a marketing company have a look at how we can add even more value to your business.