Your Market Research Specialisation

Listed Number 1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN and All the Major UK Search Engines


Imagine if your own company's web site came up in the first page on Google whenever a prospective client typed in your own particular market research specialisation into the Google search box.

That's exactly what would happen if you had your site optimised for the search engines, with keywords chosen to represent your own strengths and areas of expertise.

Keywords you may wish to be highly ranked for could be an area of market specialisation, geographical region or industry sector. For example, "local authority market research", "market research services in Bristol", "employee relations market research", "IT market research" or "computer games market research"

When your prospective client types these words into a search engine you want them to find you on the first page.

The MR industry is diverse enough to encompass a vast - almost infinite - number of keyword permutations. Yet your competition is not likely to be very fierce in the UK, so there is no reason why you should not dominate your own particular niche as far as the search engines are concerned. You could optimise your web site for any number of search phrases.

I have a policy of not optimising for more than one client in the same niche; so you know that if I am optimising for your specialisation I will not accept work from one of your competitors in the same field.

Having been involved with the market research industry since 1983 (Full Member of the MRS since 1997), and in Internet marketing since 1999, I am in a good position to be able to advise MR clients on how to get their online message across in the best way.



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