for search engine optimisation


Fees are based on the number of key phrases optimised for your web site and web pages. Fees are charged per month.

The following table illustrates this.


Number of Key Phrases
Cost per Month (£)


For overseas clients the prevailing rate for sterling would apply.

Fees are invoiced monthly and terms are 30 days from the date of invoice. New clients will pay a deposit on commissioning the project, payable prior to work commencing, and equal to 25% of the first month's fees. VAT applies where appropriate. A recurring billing arrangement will be made with PayPal in order for any order to proceed.

In the case of new clients fees will be incurred for the first three months in advance. It will be understood that search engines may take some time (perhaps several weeks) to make changes in the rankings of a site, especially where the site is new.

It will be understood that nobody outside the search engines can be responsible for changes in the search engine algorithms which may alter the position of sites already ranked well. While every effort will be made to ethically cause a client's web page or site to rank very highly in the search engine results pages (SERPS), no third party can guarantee a high ranking. Sites that held a previously high position may lose that high position overnight, or indeed vanish altogether. This is completely outside the power of the providers of this service.

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