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Your Own Internet Marketing Department

Why Not Automate Your Business?

Just imagine the difference this could make to your business. You could have your own Internet marketing department to create and maintain the following for your company:

  • Building and maintaining a website for your business
  • Getting a good listing in the search engines
  • Your web site on the first page of Google and Yahoo
  • Setting up and maintaining your own blog
  • Getting Listed in Directories
  • Setting up your own MySpace account
  • Setting up your own Squidoo account
  • Article Marketing for the purposes of obtaining backlinks to your website and blog;
  • Online Press Releases
  • Setting up an Opt-In Email List for controlled customer contact and marketing;
  • Setting up a Automated Help Desk (if applicable)
  • Help with promoting your product or service on Ebay (if applicable)
  • Possibilities of outsourcing on Elance to save costs (if applicable)
  • Possibilities of free online advertising
  • Planning and executing an email marketing campaign
  • Lots of other possibilities relevant to your own business that cannot be covered here.

I can do all of the above and more, within a bespoke service tailored to your own needs, all for a monthly retainer fee.

Specifically, I'll be applying all my knowledge of Internet marketing and automation to your business, providing free access to resources on my own account, and I'll be available at the end of the phone for the equivalent of £25 a day.

If you have ever found yourself asking any of the following questions:

  • How do I register a domain name?
  • What the heck is 'DNS' and how do I change it?
  • How do I register a web hosting account and get my site set up?
  • How do I install popups on my website?
  • How can I let customers automatically download my product?
  • How do I ethically collect peoples' names and email addresses?
  • How do I set up an autoresponder?
  • How do I set up a shopping cart on my site?
  • How do I add my own "online store" onto my web site?
  • How do I process my orders?
  • How do I setup my order links?
  • How can I upload files to my webpage?

then couldn't you do with leaving these things to an expert while you got on with your actual business?

I'm also part techie and part ideas-man, so I can provide a proactive service for your business, and perhaps suggest enhancements that you hadn't even considered (or knew existed).

I constantly have my finger on the ever-changing pulse of Internet marketing, and am always among the first to take advantage of new technologies, media and marketing outlets. It really will be like having your own IM department.

Automate your business and release its full potential. Contact Gordon Goodfellow now.


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