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At Inteltab we believe that evolution is better than revolution. The many things that can be put right on a day to day basis may be put right for good and the lessons learned forever. Isnít that the definition of progress?

Over the course of more than 30 years we have developed some unique skills and knowledge to be able to offer businesses like yours some specific help in instances where you can only improve and where you wonít ever need to look back on that issue again.

Here are some of the most popular services we offer.


Website Hosting Repair

We have identified one website hosting service which offers a default type of domain as standard. The problem is, if you use this domain for your website nobody is going to see your site when doing a search by your main search terms!


Domain Name Search

What is the best domain name for your business? Is it even available any more? If not, what's the best alternative? If you had to choose between the .com and the .org or the .biz, which would it be? How much should you pay for the domain. Who is the best domain registrar? If you register the domain does that mean you own it forever? What about getting a hosting account which offers a free domian name as an incentive to buy into that hosting account - should I go for it?

So many questions, so many answers. Let us answer them all for you. The truth is that the answers may well be very different for people with different circumstances. The trick is to know the best solutions for your own circumstances.

Content Writing

This is a service offered to SEO agencies, advertising agencies and marketing firms who have need of the best kind of content writing available. Translation services and proofreading/copy-editing is also available from the same source. (See also high quality manual content spinning below.)


High Quality Manual Content Spinning

Content spinning began several years ago because Google punished duplicate content. The trouble is, most content spinning is rubbish because of the idiomatic nature of the language. We do it the proper way, manually. Articles which are perfectly readable can be available for pennies each, and each one will pass the Copyscape test. No need for accusations of plagiarism. No fear of those howlers that occur when a software program merely substitutes one word for a putative synonym!


Local Business Leads Acquisition

This bespoke website service is a lead generation machine, using the power of multiple search string queries to get business leads right into your inbox. There are several revenue options available; you choose the one which gives you most ROI.

Automation of Mundane Tasks

Hundreds of hours are being wasted in your company every year because your staff donít know how to automate things that they would rather do slavishly over and over by hand. Harness the amazing power of the macro and see the difference!

Save on Telecoms Costs by Harnessing the Internet

There are various ways to cut the cost of your telecoms bill. VOIP is just one of them. Discover the VOIP system which is best for you and start cutting those overheads. Thereís a plan which is best for everyone and every company.


Technical Support Follow-on Affiliate Income (Extend Your Business Online)

This applies only in certain sectors where the ability to earn from your physical location is limited, for whatever reason. Simply extend that revenue flow online and make your existing clients and customers know about it. See your profits soar as you harness the mighty power and reach of the Internet. This is the largest bit of the puzzle you have been missing.


The CPA Model of Lead Generation


You are good at closing the sale, as is the nature of most companies which are by their nature specialists in their field. You know you’re better than your competitors. But where do you get those initial leads from to close that sale? CPA is the answer. Did you know that there are specialists who are as good at finding those leads as you are at closing them?


Local Business Search Block

Google seems to change its mind about this every few months, but the local search block remains, in essence, the best presence you have as the supplier of a local product or service. We make sure you stay on top of it, whatever Google does.



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